co teaching1.jpgCo-teaching is a service delivery option that involves two teachers working together to provide specially designed instruction to a diverse group of students in a single space. Please browse the following co-teaching resources, provided by the ELL Services department.

Videos and Webinars

Co-teaching videos from CMS classrooms NEW

Co-Teaching Webinar 2016: Carolyn Frye Updated

Co-teaching video with a variety of models Britni Toukonen, Melissa Loftis, Jessica Kilbride, March 2013
NYC Schools Co-Teaching Video
Models of Co-Teaching, Maryland Learning Links, September 2011
Examples of Co-Teaching Approaches
Collaboration and Co-Teaching Youtube Talk: Honigsfield and Dove

Collaboration and Co-Teaching for ESL: Honigsfield and Dove

Models of Co-Teaching: Dr. Marilyn Friend
Co-Teaching 201: New Teacher Advocate Article, Spring 2010

Other Resources
Considerations for Co-Teaching Planning: Murawski, W. (2010). Collaborative Teaching in Elementary Schools
Co-Teaching Lesson Planning Guides:
Guiding Questions for Co-Teachers: Solution Tree Press ( 2011)•
Co-Teaching Approaches, Information Gap: Carolyn Frye, ELL Resource Teacher
SIOP Your Co-Teaching
Benefits of Co-Teaching: Mariana Deluca, ELL Resource Teacher
What Does Effective Co-Teaching Look Like?: Mariana Deluca ELL Resource Teacher
The Planning Process--a guide to planning for coteaching
LIEP-Guidance on ESL Services- CMS ESL Department, 2013

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