Content Standards for North Carolina

This page can help you get started on where to locate North Carolina's Standard Course of Studies for K-12. North Carolina has adopted Common Core Essential Standards for the content areas of English language arts and mathematics for kindergarten through 12th grade.

North Carolina DPI Resources

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NC's English Language Arts Standards

NC's English Language Proficiency Standards
NC's English Language Arts Wiki

District Resources

Click Common Core and Essential Standards to access materials for the 2012-2013 CMS trainings.

Other Resources:

Livebinders for Common Core Self Study
Text Dependent Question Worksheet - A planning tool/checklist for developing CCSS-aligned text-dependent questions.
Video with Kenji Hakuta and CCSS with ELLS
Common Core and ELLs: Planning Professional Development for Colleagues
Borrow these Common Core Tools
CCSS Cheat Sheet
WiDA English Language Development Standards
Common Core State Standards/English Language Development PowerPoint (CCSS/ELD)
What a Common Core Classroom looks like! Video Modules

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