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Here's a matchbook foldable research project from 2nd grade ESL (low intermediate) at J.H.Gunn Elementary School.
This project is based on the Reading A-Z book, Extreme Animals.
The backing for this project is an animal shape. The matchbook foldable is the body or the face (see other animals below).
matchbook bat 1.jpg matchbook bat 2.jpgmatchbook bat 3.JPGmatchbook bat 4.jpg
For this project, students chose an animal and used a website to find facts about the animal. The following website is kid-friendly and has lots of facts about animals and many other things, too: Science Kids...
Students wrote comparisons about their animal using a note-taking organizer to record the information they found while researching the website.
They used their notes to write three comparison sentences inside the matchbook foldable.
bat research.jpg bat research 2.jpg

matchbook cheeta 1.jpg matchbook cheeta 2.jpg
NOTE: The outside of the matchbook foldable is the face or tummy area of the animal. I glued a piece of plain white paper inside the matchbook foldable for students to write on.
matchbook hippo.JPG matchbook seahorse 1.JPG

matchbook mudskipper 1.JPG matchbook mudskipper 2.jpg

matchbook tiger 1.jpg tiger 2.JPG

How to Create a Famous / Infamous Matchbook Foldable ... Snapguide
...This Snapguide will explain in pictures & text how to make a matchbook foldable.



More examples:
matchbook_foldable_2.png foldable_MATCHBOOK_2.png matchbook_foldable_1.png

FOLDABLE_matchbook_3.png ... using paint chips!