Style Guide
This wiki is for you and by you, and we welcome and encourage your contributions. In reorganizing the wiki, we wanted to design a layout that was as comprehensible and inviting as possible, to make it easy for everyone to join in the conversation. We are also aware that (and hope that) the wiki will be seen, not only by your colleagues throughout CMS, but by your colleagues around the country. We are very proud of the work our teachers do, and we see this wiki as an opportunity to represent your work in the best light possible.
With that in mind, we hope you will structure your contributions in alignment with the following guidelines:
  • Help us keep this site organized and accessible by placing content on the appropriate, established page. If you feel a new page needs to be established, please check with an ESL Department staff member for approval.
  • CLICK HERE to learn how to correctly add your files to a wiki page.
  • Appropriate attribution – if the content is original, please give yourself credit.
  • Appropriate attribution – if the content originates elsewhere, please source it correctly.
  • If for the classroom, please indicate the content’s connection to the Common Core.
  • If for professional development, please indicate the content’s connection to the Teacher Evaluation Rubric.
  • Appropriate clip art is fine, but one of our goals is to keep as much content as possible visible on the initially loaded screen, so please keep clip art small.
  • In the use of embellishments, such as emoticons and exclamation points, please exercise professional judgment as to how well these characters represent the purpose of your contribution.
  • If the content has been originated by the ESL Department, it should already be on the CMS Intranet and does not belong on the Wiki.

If we feel an item is not in keeping with the above guidelines, we may contact you and ask you to edit, move, or remove your item. Thank you for your help and especially for your participation.
Enjoy your wiki!

If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding this wiki page, please contact .