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click here for a stapled book project based on the book Stone Soup (Reading A-Z, Level D) Stone Soup (Lv. D) -- book cover.PNG
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Make these books with as many pages as you want.
To make stapled books:
  • Fold pages in half horizontally (hamburger fold) or vertically (hotdog fold).
  • Stack pages together, one inside the other, & staple on folded edges.

Thanks!!! to Super second grade teacher, Naija Washington, at J. H. Gunn for sharing this great foldable idea from her classroom. See below for some photos of this foldable from Naija's students.
Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Washington! Washington 0.JPG
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HABITAT stapled book project... shared by Jean Porter, ESL, J.H.Gunn
THEME/UNIT: Animals, Habitats...for resources (pic. chart, Magic School Bus video link) see below or click here
GRADE: 1st
CCSS: Science: 1.L.1.1 - Recognize that plants and animals need air, water, light (plants only), space, food and shelter and that these may be found in their environment.
1.L.2.2 - summarize the basic needs of a variet of different animals
Writing Conventions: capital letters, ending punctuation, phonetic spelling
FOLDABLE: stapled book
To make this foldable project,
Stack 4 pages together.
Fold them in half.
Bind pages together by stapling on the fold.
(If you have a long-arm stapler, you can unfold the pages & staple them together in the middle on the fold line.)

Front cover: title, picture of animal, author's name
pg. 1: introduction and 1 'need'
pg. 2: 1 'need'
pg. 3: 1 'need'
pg. 4: habitat & closing sentence
pg. 5: picture of animal's habitat
pg. 6: opinion with a reason for the opinion...why this habitat is good (or not good) for this animal
Back cover (not graded): author's information & drawn portrait (or photo)
PHOTOS...see below for photos of students' books

RESOURCES for habitat stapled book:
scoring rubric (content) for students & teacher
scoring rubric (conventions) for teacher
habitats picture chart
Magic School Bus Hops Home
You can find this video...
on Discovery Education (subscription service)...
on YouTube (only part 1, 8 min.)
habitat--ants 1.JPG habitat--ants 2.jpghabitat--ants 3.jpg habitat--ants 4.jpg
habitat--bird 1.JPG habitat--birds 2.jpg habitat--birds 3.jpg habitat--birds 4.jpg
habitat--frog 1.JPG ...... habitat--turtle 1.JPG